12 Cents for Marvin

All Ages | Saturday Night - 12:30pm to 1:30pm (Saturday) @ Equinox Brewing

Ska Reggae Rock

No stage can contain the energy of 12 Cents for Marvin and audiences would have it no other way. Formed in their college days over 15 years ago, the band has grown as individuals and musicians. Ska/reggae/rock is a quick but incomplete way to describe the 12 Cents sound. It must be experienced to be understood. The band named itself after meeting Marvin, a colorful street character panhandling and following a mathematical formula requiring him to receive twelve cents per person he met.

Since then, 12 Cents has been voted Best Band in the region multiple years in a row. Recognition continued when the band garnered first place in Colorado's Scene Magazine's Battle of the Bands. Gaining this recognition early in the band's career laid a solid foundation for the independent nature of all present and future endeavors. This is exemplified by radio play for multiple 12 Cents' songs along the Colorado Front Range by both independent and corporate radio stations.

While on stage, energetic antics rule. This never overshadows the artistry, dedication, and years of hard work put in by the talented members. The band includes Tom Werge on vocals and trumpet, Hilary Freeman on bass, Nik Levinsky on guitar, Soren Daugaard on drums, Greta Cornett on trumpet, John Giordanengo on trombone, Phuong Nguyen on saxophone, and Sean Jaster on keys. The sum is greater than the parts and this synergistic effect adds a distinct edge to the 12 Cents for Marvin sound.

In addition to stimulating audiences with its performances, 12 Cents for Marvin has produced several albums. Yellow Raincoat (1998), King of the Ring (2000), The EP (2002), Change (2005), and The B-Load (2007) all showcase a full horn section with a swinging embellishment of indelible rhythms. These albums have spawned such favorites as "King of the Ring (The WWF Song)," "Social Suicide," "One By One" and "Yellow Raincoat." In addition, 12 Cents can be found on such compilations as "Still Standing" (2003, Megalith Records) and "Fort Collins Rocks, Vol. 3" (2005, Hapi-Skratch Records).

12 Cents for Marvin has gone on a number of tours, and has had the opportunity to play with acts including The Skatalites, The English Beat, Michael Rose (of Black Uhuru), Stroke 9, Less than Jake, The Toasters, War, Guster, The Sugar Hill Gang, MU330, Mustard Plug, The Specials, The Slackers, and Fishbone. Keeping the beat on high, 12 Cents for Marvin has set itself apart as a driving force in the regional music scene. Every concert goes and asks the band, "When are you coming back?"

  • Tom Werge, Vocals
  • Nik Levinsky, Guitar
  • Sean Jaster, Keys
  • John Giordanengo, Trombone
  • Hilary Freeman, Bass
  • Soren Daugaard, Drums
  • Phuong Nguyen, Sax
  • Greta Cornett, Trumpet