Atomic Reactor

All Ages | Friday Night - 2:45pm to 3:45pm (Friday) @ Washington's (Upstairs)

Lazer glitch-blap

Atomic Reactor is a high-powered fission chamber firing particles of glitch within the bass music scene. Otherwise known as David Holsapple, a 22 year old multi genre producer, sound designer and audio engineer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He specializes in mid-tempo, IDM, dubstep and everywhere in between. He pushes for his music to sound as unique and fresh as possible by incorporating elements of glitch to every genre he produces in while maintaining the cleanest sound quality possible. His live sets are always original and are constantly being improved to create a truly unique experience every time you see him. He released 3 EP's in 2012. The first EP Melt Down was released in March on Muti Music. The second is titled Torsion Mixer released in July on Simplify Recordings and the final titled Hot 32th released in November on Adapted Records.

He works with Audiowaska and the Mile High Sound Movement and is also part of the DJ duo 2NUTZ. Since 2011 he has played at Lucidity Festival, Sonic Bloom, Fire Fly Gathering, 5 Points Gathering, Luncy Festival, Emissions Festival, and Boi-oi-oing.

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