Autumn Burn

21+ | Saturday Night - 1:00pm to 1:45pm (Saturday) @ East Coast

Hard Fucking Rock

Ashes of a Tormented Soul is an emotionally-charged album whose title refers to the destruction of one's soul after betrayal. This dynamic theme is representative of struggling through personal relationships, finding identity, and all the revelations that come from private struggles.

Perhaps one of the less private struggle has been Autumn Burn's battle to include members that work well together. "If we wouldn't have gone through the trials of members, we wouldn't be the strong core we are now," says Kent Cutler who contributes his talents on bass guitar.

The members of Autumn Burn are more united than ever under one common purpose: making music. To make this easier, the unsigned band would like to sign a significant contract with a record label that would give them more time to work on music. Eric Romero, lead singer, sums up his passion, "If I can create a career out of making music I'm enjoying and winning the hearts of fans, then I'm the luckiest guy I know."

Their unique sound-a blend of melodic hard rock that blends influences of metal, hardcore, soul, blues, punk, and pop-comes together on their first album Ashes of a Tormented Soul. To craft songs written over a period of seven years, Autumn Burn called upon famed and experienced producer Ahrue Luster.

Ahrue Luster is the current lead guitarist for Ill Nino and former guitarist for Machine Head. "Luster gave us guidance and helped us focus on a certain goal or message," Travis Mason, guitarist for Autumn Burn said. "We have been willing to accept the constructive criticism that comes with the process and have adapted our approach, mindsets, and techniques."

This album is different than most local music being released because the sound was recorded at The Blasting Room with drums engineered by Jason Livermore and collaborative efforts with Dan Korneff.

The Blasting Room is a professional recording studio built by members of the Descendents, ALL, and Black Flag. National acts, such as Puddle of Mudd, Rise Against and NOFX and have recorded well-selling CD's that capture the energy and intensity of the music. Most recently, local acts The Northern Way and Tickle Me Pink have gained national exposure with albums recorded at The Blasting Room.

Livermore has been key to previously mentioned band Rise Against's success. He has engineered Rise Against's Revolutions per Minute and The Sufferer and the Witness.

Foolish Minds, a song on Ashes of a Tormented Soul, was mixed as well by Dan Korneff who has mixed CD's for Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Hawthorne Heights, Lamb of God, and My Chemical Romance.

As for their upcoming shows, expect to see the energy from the album translated into a fast-paced, exciting, and personable performance. "Creating a conversation with the audience is essential," Eric Romero, vocals and lead guitar for Autumn Burn said. "It's that connection that makes the show memorable."

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  • Eric Romero, Guitarist/Vocals
  • Travis Mason, Guitarist/Backup Vocals
  • Matt Durnil, Drummer
  • Chad Wickham, Bass