Awaken the Masses

21+ | Friday Night - 3:30pm to 4:15pm (Friday) @ East Coast

Trippy Jam Metal

Laying the foundation in February of 2009, Kellan Chaffey (bass) and Evan Brennan (guitar) had the craving to take the songs that they had been writing and present them to the masses. With a mission in mind they began their epic search for a drummer. One that could match the caliber of their awesome song writing skills. This is where Chris Rocha entered the picture. Friendship blossomed soon after he joined the band and whenever the three of them were in a room together, only the finest of tunes were produced. The next piece of the megazord the voice of Awaken The Masses, a lord Dale Tormey stepped up to the plate and took the reigns of this awesome force. Feeling that the band would benefit from one additional guitarist they called on one of Chris' closer friends, Nick Erben, to fill the slot. He shredded with the band up until March of 2012 but was sadly let go due to undisclosed reasons. In April of 2012 Zach Spencer was introduced to the band by Kellan and Dale. Having been long time friends the pieces fit perfectly and Awaken The Masses was reborn! And now with psychedelic influences! The band recorded their first 2 song demo at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO and are just looking to get more of their music out into the world. They will be recording a new EP this March.

  • Dale Tormey, Lead Singer
  • Kellan Chaffey, Bassist
  • Evan Brennan, Guitarist
  • Zach Spencer, Guitarist
  • Chris Rocha, Drummer