Better Than Bacon

All Ages | Saturday Night - 5:30pm to 6:15pm (Saturday) @ Cranknstein

Greasy Rock 'n' Roll with Old Soul!

in a musical age of smoke-and-mirrors musicianship and snake-oil salesmanship, this band moves the Rocky Mountains with a throwback formula: passionate performances featuring scorching electric guitar, well-crafted songs with substance and soul, and a thumping rhythm section to match any mood.

The word is getting out and the reviews are rolling in...

"As the name suggests; bold, savory, greasy and full of fatty substance. its good old-fashioned Rock and Roll, with sides of funk, soul, and blues all sauted in psychedelic jams. Hailing from Fort Collins, these boys know how to serve up a beat fit for any musical palate." - Colorado Music Buzz

"Overall, the entire album is a well-constructed journey that has an intriguingly classic tone - mixing elements of blues, funk, soul, rock, psychedelic and jam with sizzling guitar, Better Than Bacon, plays like a band straight out of a bygone era" - Music

"With gritty lyrics, funky and soulful melodies, full-on rock and roll guitar licks and overall musical talent, the band reminds me of a Widespread Panic type - this band does not disappoint, as their soulful southern jams satisfy the same tastes as their greasy namesake" - Mousike Magazine

"A more old-school approach of trying to honor the spirit and emotion of the music" - Vail Daily

"The show was a rocking spectacle with the right amount of give and take, with attention to songwriting and crafting great music - the balance between James' crisp vocals and Ryan's soulful voice add a rich dynamic to the performance." - Music

  • James Yearling, Electric Guitar/Vocals
  • Ryan Zwanziger, Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
  • Ty Monteleone, Drum Kit/Percussion
  • Mike DeSantis, Electric Bass Guitar