the Billy Goats

21+ | Saturday Night - 2:30pm to 3:15pm (Saturday) @ Surfside 7

Gritty blues, surf, rock

The Billy Goats may sound fairy tale-ish by name, but they more closely resemble the troll under the bridge; Ragged, torn, spiteful, willing to get nasty, and not really giving a shit because they realize that the grass probably isn't green on either side of the fence. A drum and guitar two-piece formed in Colorado out of lust for beer and whiskey, they play a medium-fidelity blend of music they like to call Rock, Stripper, Surf (though you never quite know what sound or style they're bound to output). Enthusiasm and imperfections are the shake-n-bake in which this band is rolled in as it seems to be a perfect recipe for the honesty that the music, as well as anyone who listens to it, deserves. They keep it simple, showing an extreme affinity for boots, beards, blues, and straight to the face rock n' roll turned up to 11.

  • Kevin Ott, Drummer
  • Adam Smith, Guitar/Vocals