Blue Taboo

All Ages | Friday Night - 1:00pm to 1:45pm (Friday) @ Everyday Joe's

90's grunge and folk rock

Blue Taboo officially started on May 12, 2011. That is when Jared Janzen, Will Brauch and Robert Johnson had met at a talent show. They played a few shows as a three piece band, but they were not creating the sound they had hoped.Janzen met a drummer named Matt Bell, who moved recently from Bloomington, Indiana. They quickly added him to the line-up. After about 6 months of playing shows, such as FoCoMX and the Greeley Trail-athon, they knew they were still missing something. That is when they found a bassist named Gabe Costanza-Chavez. Just before playing a show at Avogadro's Number, the band made a quick move and added Costanza-Chavez to the group.

  • Matt Bell, Drummer
  • Jared Janzen, Guitarist/Singer
  • Robert Johnson, Guitarist
  • Will Brauch, Guitarist
  • Gabe Costanza-Chavez, Bassist