Chaotic Serenity

21+ | Friday Night - 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Friday) @ Tap N Handle

High Energy Rock

Chaotic Serenity is Northern Colorado's premier all-female rock band! "We play a unique selection of cherry picked rock, blues, pop, and alternative cover tunes, spanning from the 60's to the current music of today." Chaotic Serenity is known for engaging even the most diverse of audiences with their high-energy, fun-loving style. Consisting of five talented and beautiful women, Chaotic Serenity has been a true crowd pleaser at such venues as Mishawaka, The Aggie Theater, and Old Town Square in Fort Collins, to name just a few. Members of Chaotic Serenity include the very talented Angie Spangler on vocals, jam masters Joan Krehbiel and Renee' Shaw on guitar, and percolating groove stylists Hilary Freeman and Tina Valenti on bass and drums.

  • Angie Spangler, Lead Singer
  • Renee' Shaw, Guitar/Vocals
  • Joan Krehbiel, Guitar/Vocals
  • Hilary Freeman, Bass Guitar
  • Tina Valenti, Drummer