All Ages | Saturday Night - 4:00pm to 4:45pm (Saturday) @ Washington's (Downstairs)

Electronica Psychedelic Experimental

Cualli is a Colorado based artist dedicated to making music that inspires. Cualli music eludes genre, each song telling a different story than the last. It cuts deep, utilizing ancient melodies blended with new sounds and possibilities. "My music is created with positive intention," says Aaron Holsapple, the 23 year old artist, "Cualli is an Aztec word for something which is inherently good and I want my music to reflect that." Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who infuses his studio work as well as live sets with guitar, keys, synths and sitar. He also plays with the band ReaLifeActual (RLA) and is now working on a collaborative project with Chris Cox, their first single "Global Deceleration" having been in the top 20 on Beatport's Glitch Hop charts for nearly five months reaching the number four spot at its highest. Cualli is also co-founder of and resident artist with both Audiowaska Productions and SOLRR and has performed alongside acts such as Nit Grit, Love and Light, Nasty Nasty, Dnae Beats, Mr. Rogers and many more.

Growing up in Denver Colorado, Aaron was inspired to say the least. Catching acts like SCI, STS9, Lotus, Ooah, The Dead, Zilla, Kanal and the Motet, he was given glimpses into the language of music. He discovered that it expressed truths which words could not. It was a language which could reflect the harmony of the cosmos and through the language of music, both artist and audience could form a collective consciousness which, reflected that same harmony. "Everything is music. From the tinniest particles to the biggest galaxies, everything has its own frequency, its own song which it sings with the entire cosmos. The amazing part is that it's in perfect harmony. My job is to express this through music" (Cualli). It was around the time of this discovery that Aaron bought his first laptop computer and started making music in Garage Band to play guitar solos over. Later that year he met Thomas Smith (Mezla, co-founder of SOLRR), who introduced him to Ableton and the world of electronic music production. For the next four years he balanced music with school, earning bachelors degrees in both philosophy and english. It was also durning this time that he met the painter Morgan Mandala who has been an immense inspiration and is his soon to be wife. Utilizing all that he has learned in his 23 years of his life, Cualli is now focusing all of his attention on helping to co-create the next level of electronic music.