All Ages | Saturday Night - 4:30pm to 5:15pm (Saturday) @ Falbo Brothers Pizzeria

Drivin, Groovin, Dynamic

dAsTtrangE, of Fort Collins, CO, entertains through a unique blend of grunge roots crossed with nu metal and old-school nasty rock (to name a few) in a slow and driving style. They pull in a crowd with a wide range of dynamics amongst and within their songs. The band brings many years of experience and features Steve Rodriquez on guitar, Dave Hessler on vocals, Eric Jaeger on bass, and Kurt Fleckenstein on drums. Some influences include The Black Keys, Deftones, Battles, Johnny Cash, The Bronx, Tripping Daisy, Cobra Skulls, Tool, Pixies, NOFX, Zeppelin. . .

All of the band members' varying tastes and backgrounds contribute to the diversity of their sound, and together,
they create the music
that is . . .

  • Kurt Fleckenstein, Drummer
  • Steve Rodriquez, Guitarist
  • Dave Hessler, Vocalist
  • Eric Jaeger, Bassist