Dat New Krew

21+ | Friday Night - 6:15pm to 7:30pm (Friday) @ Mo Jeaux's

Unique. Original. Revolutionary.

Dat New Krew, A.K.A. DNK, is a group of four different kids with the same dream. Hazy and Radio produce, make instrumentals, and write and rap their own lyrics. Ses-Smooth, and Curious George also write and rap their own lyrics. The Love and Hope they have for their music is extraordinary. With Strength and courage DNK's music will soon be available to all!

Time to start a new era in Hip Hop through real life, rhythm, and rhymes. DNK

1/28/12 Won The Clash Of The Titans, where 12 Hip Hop MC's/Groups competed in three rounds performing one song each round, and took the title of "Best Hip Hop Artist in Colorado"

2/27/12 Got accepted to perform in the FoCo MX (Fort Collins Music Experiment) A local music festival that last for two days (April 13th and 14th) and consist of 300+ bands in CO.

  • Hazy, Co-Producer/Rapper
  • Radio, Co-Producer/Rapper
  • Luminosity, Rapper
  • Papa C.G., Rapper
  • DJ Bird Flew, DJ