DJ Ladykilla

21+ | Saturday Night - 2:00pm to 3:30pm (Saturday) @ Luscious Nectar

Big Glitchy Bass

The unique byproduct of a cowboy, a hippie and the 1980's, DJ Ladykilla (born Dallas Wilbanks) grew up and made his start in sunny Arizona. As a child, he was a lover of all things robotic and chaotic. In high school, Ladykilla was given his first mix-tape and fell in love with the broken beat. In 2002, he formed the Hazardous Crew (a collective of music-loving DJs) in Arizona. Soon after, they started throwing parties, bringing out some of the freshest talent west of the Rockies. After a successful run in Arizona, Ladykilla moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2009 to finish his degree at Colorado State University.

It didn't take long until Ladykilla was slaying crowds at the local bars, where he would eventually meet up with fellow DJs Jimeni and TwoScoopS to form the turntable collective The Boom Dispensary. This collection of traditional DJs brought turntablism back to Fort Collins and established their credibility as some of the premier DJs of Northern Colorado. Ladykilla and The Boom Dispensary DJ's joined up with Fort Collins' favorite electronic producers The Acidophiles in 2011, which formed the Creating Individual Dreams (C.I.D.) Initiative. Since then, Ladykilla and the C.I.D. Initiative have thrown numerous shows and fundraisers in Northern Colorado, establishing themselves as one of the top multi-genre electronic acts and production companies around. As a veteran DJ and promoter of over 10 years, Ladykilla will not disappoint, and is guaranteed to make you dance your ass off.

  • Dallas Wilbanks, DJ