DJ Matthew Kays

21+ | Friday Night - 5:30pm to 6:30pm (Friday) @ Luscious Nectar

Electronic Dance Music

DJ Matthew Kays is a Colorado based mixshow disc jockey for nightclubs, festivals, concerts, and special events.

Disc Jockey (deejay, Disk Jockey)
: one who plays recorded music for dancing at a nightclub or party
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

DJ Matthew Kays incites any crowd to dance regardless of their age group or preference of musical style. Matthew always flavors his sets with genre-bending delights yet sticks to the right format and sound for the moment. It is DJ Matthew Kays' mission to share the love and connection that dance music is built on while bringing together musical styles that coexist but don't often mix.

Kays is currently available for nightlife, special event, concert, and festival bookings in the United States and also for broadcast, satellite, or internet mixshows and studio collaboration.

In his youth, DJ Matthew Kays made mixtapes in his bedroom and he DJ'ed at house parties in college at Indiana University. A move to Colorado in 1996 landed him a spot as a radio show host at KBUT-FM in Crested Butte that lasted for two years. Then he went to his first all electronic dance music event.

Attending that one event set DJ Matthew Kays on a career path that has continued for over a decade. During the following years, Matthew quickly gained experience with a short gig at Denver's KUVO-FM, a job at a record shop that only sold DJ 12" records, and was a featured performer at countless nightclubs such as the award winning electronic dance music destination Soma and at electronic dance music events throughout the region.

In 2000, Matthew created a DJ department for a chain of independent record stores, Finest Music and Movies, where he led an operation that spanned three cities and serviced the local hip hop and electronic dance music DJ's for the next seven years with DJ equipment and music. He also led a team of music buyers and was himself responsible for keeping the stores stocked with the latest records, DJ gear, mixtapes and compilations from the most influential dance music DJ's and record labels of the time. That job also led Matthew to move to Fort Collins, CO where he resides today.

During the 2000's, DJ Matthew Kays not only managed to excel at his day job at the record stores, but he held down a mixshow for over two years on KRFC-FM that featured groovy house music and was also a featured guest mixer on KCSU-FM numerous times as well. Through these years, Matthew promoted dance music events in Fort Collins, where he performed with international DJ talent such as Miles Maeda, DJ Funk, Frankie Vega, Jake Childs, Angel Alanis, Superstar DJ Keoki, Amon Tobin, DJ Sabotage, Seth Abrumz, and Deejay Brian Howe. Matthew also found himself performing with such acts as Grammy Award winners Dirty Vegas (aka Hydrogen Rockers); Guns n' Roses and Primus guitarist Buckethead, KRS One, Kan'nal, Eyedea and Abilities, Signal Path, and many other talented acts. Going on tour and performing at festivals and concerts became the norm for DJ Matthew Kays over the decade.

DJ Matthew Kays notably held the longest continuously running house and electronic dance music night in Fort Collins at The Vault for 9 years.

Recent appearances include Warrior Dash in Copper Mountain, CO; Tough Mudder in Beaver Creek, CO; The Regal Watering Hole in Aspen, CO; The Zebra Cocktail Lounge in Bozeman, MT; The Mesa Theatre in Grand Junction, CO, Luscious Nectar in Fort Collins, CO; Ullr's Tavern in Winter Park, CO; Gold Pan in Breckenridge, CO and Press Play in Boulder, CO.

Currently, DJ Matthew Kays has 15 DJ mixes available on Kays released Access Beats for streaming and as a free download in December, 2012. This Indie Dance/Nu Disco/Deep Tech House DJ Mix is one of the most widely available DJ mixes online ever, and has received positive reviews from dance music bloggers and numerous Soundcloud groups.

Arguably, Kays's most popular DJ mix is titled 2000's Radio Hits. Released in 2011, 2000's Radio Hits is available for streaming exclusively on

For 2013, Kays is ready to release several new DJ mixes, mashups, remixes, and original productions.

After years of feeding energy to and getting energy fed back to him from the crowd, DJ Matthew Kays has finally become the man to call to make the kids dance.

  • Matthew Kays, Dancefloor Pilot