Five Day Rhetoric

All Ages | Saturday Night - 5:15pm to 6:15pm (Saturday) @ Chipper's Lanes College Center

This is hard

Five Day Rhetoric is comprised of experienced musicians with an array of musical influences, which is evident in their signature style of "beach punk" alternative rock. Hailing from Northern Colorado, which rather lacking in terms of beaches, the sound of various California-based groups can be heard in areas of FDR's quick, energetic, and rhythmic tunes. Writing songs that stem from their experiences individually and as a group, FDR has gained momentum in their launch year, and are building a catalog of new songs for an upcoming album. Comprised of brothers, Josh and Devin Scheer, Tim Sweet, Johnny Day, Chad De La Barre, and Caleb VanArsdol, this eclectic group blends together to deliver a journey of new and different sounds.

  • Josh Scheer, Vocals/Bass
  • Devin Scheer, Vocals/Keys
  • Johnny Day, Lead Guitar
  • Caleb VanArsdol, Drums
  • Chad De La Barre, Rhythm Guitar