The Fresh Press

All Ages | Saturday Night - 4:00pm to 4:45pm (Saturday) @ Washington's (Upstairs)

electronic funk insanity

With a progressive style built on inventive ideas, dance-able beats and rock mentalities, Northern Colorado quartet The Fresh Press makes itself heard in an ever changing music scene. They have an undefinable sound that is at the same time purposefully envisioned allowing the music to evolve on its own terms. The Fresh Press builds a powerful energy by combing thought provoking samples,charismatic hooks and original lyrics with a screaming rock guitar and then intersecting them with hypnotic bass lines and raw explosive beats. This unabashed style creates a smooth, organic interplay of sound and idea. Composed of experienced local musicians, these gentlemen are working hard to refresh the sound and scope of the rock scene today.

  • Tim Posey, Keyoards/Vocals
  • Scott Stoudenmire, Guitar/Vocals
  • Bryon Metcalf, Drums
  • Brian Buecher, Bass