All Ages | Friday Night - 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Friday) @ Aggie Theatre

Big Sound

We are a five-piece prog-jazz-funk-rock-electronic experiment. And we want to be in your ears

With something unique and creative to share with the masses, this musical act will expand your mind and leave you excited for the next time you see them live.

Using the combination of multiple genres and amazing compositions, be prepared for a musical adventure to remember. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan but currently residing in Fort Collins Colorado, Genetics has been turning heads and creating excitement throughout CO and the Midwest.

Hard driving big sound, psychedelic improv jams, and intriguing melodies are what set this act apart from the rest. Keep a sharp eye out for this fresh sound around your hood.

Founded in the summer of 2010, Genetics began from the start to create a new unique sound that would encompass a large variety of genres and influences.
We strive to give the listeners music with plenty of complexity but not at the expense of its boogie ability.

  • Joel Searls, Bassist
  • Cameron Canepa, Guitarist
  • Jeff Ervine, Guitarist
  • Scott Anderson, Keyboardist
  • Nathaniel Snow, Drummer