Ghost in the Machine

21+ | Saturday Night - 3:15pm to 4:15pm (Saturday) @ Road 34

Instant Classic Hits!

Ghost in The Machine have brought a fresh new sound and energy to the rock landscapes in Northern Colorado. After an infamous "lost month" of uncontrollable writing and recording a grippe of industrial tinged rock was born from the visions of producer and drummer Kris Smith. Slowly and methodically Smith introduced the material to a few local veteran musicians and Ghost in The Machine grew from a studio baby to a live, moody beast stoppable only by their own dynamic rock awesomeness. Smith, together with fellow visionaries Nick, Brian and Joel, Ghost in The Machine continue to push the local scene in new directions.

  • Joel Decatur, Lead Vocalist
  • Kris Smith, Drummer
  • Nick Duarte, Guitars
  • Brian Zeiger, Bass