Gypsy's Curse

All Ages | Saturday Night - 3:00pm to 3:45pm (Saturday) @ Washington's (Upstairs)

rousing pace of punk and metal

Under a fire heated one room cabin in the mountains of conifer with no running water, Gypsy's Curse formed as a small basement band before any of the members even knew how to play their respective instruments. The trio wrote and practiced and developed until they were forced to go their separate ways for college. Separately, everyone continued to hone their musical skills, and under it all, the curse still pulled at each of their hearts. In two thousand ten, the irresistible urge to travel and play music reached an Apex that started to pull them all to fort collins to reunite once more under the name "Gypsy's Curse". By 2012 all the original members had returned and new people had been drawn in by the curse. If the world should end, the curse shall live on, and we shall play it's soundtrack. We already do.

  • Philip Shellabarger, Vocals/Bass/Trumpet
  • Andrea Shellabarger, Drums/Vocals
  • Andrew Zbryk, Guitar/Viola/Vocals
  • Jade Reese, Guitar