Highwire Walker

18+ | Saturday Night - 3:30pm to 4:15pm (Saturday) @ Ramskeller

rock bop destruction

High Wire Walker is made of Colorado State University students and former students: Amy LaMotte (lead vocals), Ryan Wise (lead guitar), Joshua Louis (rhythm guitar and vocal harmonies), Andreas Bjorkman (bass guitar) and Matthew Thompson (percussion). The band as it is now has been together since September of 2010, coming together with the addition of Amy LaMotte as lead vocalist and lyricist. The initial band started with the combining of two groups of high school friends. Wise and Bjorkman met at Fort Collins High School and started playing together in 2006, while Louis and Thompson met at Wasson High School in Colorado Springs and started playing together at roughly the same time. At this time, LaMotte was doing musical theater and choir at Greeley West High School. When Louis and Thompson moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University, they were introduced to Bjorkman and Wise, who were roommates at the time, through a mutual friend. They started their first attempt at a band which was short lived. At the same time, Louis and Thompson started playing in a worship group with LaMotte. A year after the first attempt at a band failed, Wise and Bjorkman began playing with Louis and Thompson again. Except this time, they invited LaMotte to join, and thus High Wire Walker began.

  • Amy LaMotte, Vocals
  • Ryan Wise, Guitar
  • Matthew Thompson, drums
  • Andreas Bjorkman, Bass