Honey Gitters

All Ages | Saturday Night - 1:00pm to 1:45pm (Saturday) @ Hodi's Half Note

Roots with Juice

Chiseled out of stone and coated in a layer of honey these four men descended upon the earth from the heavens like a raging wave of awesome. They were sent to the four corners of the earth and given one objective: to find one-another and form the most glorious new grass band the universe has ever known in order to melt the faces off of civilization with their magnificent grass-rock.

Leyba made his way out of the cave of shadows with a bottle of Canadian Mist and a pair of sticks blessed by the gods themselves. This sweet nectar gives him the strength he needs to beat the demons out of drums allowing them to breathe life into the masses by releasing them from their evil captives.

Michael Acosta stumbled out into the light he came by the Tree of Everlasting Rad. Given only an axe he carved the Tree of Rad into the Bass of the Dead. To this day the only way of containing its deep tones is by laying it in a coffin until the time comes when the people must be freed of their mortal reservations and allowed to simply be.

Some say they have seen the man known as Beard in the mid 15th century. Others claim to have record of his actions in the old west. Not enough is known of this illusive man, who goes by the tag "The Traveler", other than he seems to get this ability from the "Time Machine": a banjo crafted from materials found only in the Earth's core and forged in the volcanoes of South America. Its strings are believed, by some, to be made from the hair of Lucifer himself. All we know for sure is it's high pitched twang rocks to the soul of all those within range, changing them forever.

For those few that have survived being in the presence of Greg Simms, they know the awe that is accompanied by his scratching, deep voice and amplified squealing guitar. It's understandable that most mortal's brains melt into a puddle of sludge like chocolate left in the summer sun. His task was the most important of all: to unite the four and bring peace to the land.

So with the planets aligned and the storm clouds trembling, the four assembled and their meeting will be written in the book of the gods as the day of reckoning... the transitional point where humanity would be finally able to reach their true potential and become gods themselves through the power of their music. The Honey Gitters begin.


  • Greg Simms, Guitar/Vocals
  • Josh Beard, Banjo/Vocals
  • Michael Acosta, Bass/Vocals
  • Leland Leyba, Drums