The Hot Coal

18+ | Saturday Night - 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Saturday) @ Ramskeller

raspberry funk jam

The Hot Coal is a supple young band formed in the dreamy town of Fort Collins. Grant, Chris, and Eli started playing together at Grant's house in the Fall of '09, they played together for months before playing their first show at The O2 Bar. Once their sound was cemented they began to play at new venues and started getting gigs more frequently thanks to their booking agent Rob Meyer. Some of the more notable shows were Cheba Hut, The Sports Exchange, Road 34, Avogadro's Number and The Aggie Theater. The Hot Coal has now added a keys player named Mike Dolan. This new addition creates a more full and funky sound! As well as the most recent addition, Alex Boivin, who brings a dual guitar attack to the band creating new space for exploration.

  • Grant Lowrey, Guitar/Vocals
  • Chris Robbiano, Bass
  • Eli Hennessey, Drums
  • Mike Dolan, Keyboards/Vocals
  • Alex Boivin, Guitar