HR People

21+ | Friday Night - 5:45pm to 7:30pm (Friday) @ Pateros Creek Brewing Co

Energetic Live Instrumentation

bout six years after Davis Stone and Ryan Hughes first recoded their voices over a beat, they gave their art a name and began to shape their vision into their songs

It began when they were 15 years old, and could see no further than the place and moment they were in. Originally calling themselves Fly and Family Stone, they struggled to find their voice on a microphone. With no true vision at the time of ever being musicians themselves, curiosity began to form a sound.

With each song they made they got closer to the desired end. It was not their goal to create another hip-hop song, or to create hip-hop at all. With influences coming from The Strokes to Gangstarr, from Atmosphere to Death Cab for Cutie, the product they sought was simply their expression through music.

It was not until they met drummer and songwriter Jordan Reynolds in 2009 that they began to see the full potential of what their sound could be. With the addition of his harmonious vocals and folk-infused songwriting, the songs grew in content and feel. Each song attempts to investigate their experiences through their growth, and to involve the listener in their progression.

In 2011, Stone, Reynolds, and Hughes dubbed themselves HRpeople. With the upcoming release of HRpeoples debut Becomes E.P. in late December, they seek to grow their fan base. To impulsively live and develop with time.

  • Davis Stone, Vocals/Bass
  • Ryan Hughes, Vocals/Piano
  • Jordan Reynolds, Vocals/Drums
  • Brett Dewire, Guitar