Immortal Dominion

21+ | Friday Night - 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Friday) @ East Coast

Heavy, Addictive, Metal

Immortal Dominion (I.D.) is a powerhouse of heavy, driving metal. Often amazing new listeners with their unique and catchy rhythms, I.D. has an appeal that crosses genres and audiences. Established over a decade ago in Fort Collins, Colorado, they reinvented the local scene, paving the way for many bands to follow. They have played in CA, WY, UT, IN, MO and Kansas opening for national acts such as: OTEP, Static X, Quiet Riot, Macabre, Fear Factory, Vader, Cephalic Carnage, Adema, Darkest Hour, Trust Co., Neurosis, Malevolent Creation, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Today is the Day, Living Sacrifice, and Napalm Death.

With a loyal fan base, I.D. has locally become legendary for their live shows. The key has been their intense and energetic live performances full of chugging grooves, thrashing riffs, and strong connection to their audience. Their unique approach is accentuated by the use of three vocals blending screams, growls and melodies, creatively and harmonically. Their music has been called addictive and they’ve been said to have forged “some of the most brutal and unflinching metal Colorado has ever seen” by Westword Magazine. ( Metal Maniacs has called them “a futuristically-influenced breed of modern commercial metal comparable to what Pantera, Prong and Slipknot all did in their day…I see them as a band that could be f***ing huge if marketed right…” (Metal Maniacs, Firing Squad, Fall ’07)

Immortal Dominion’s members are:  Brian Villers – Vocals/Guitars, Fred Goodwin – Bass, Casey Glass- Drums , and Louie Micciullo-Lead and Rhythm Guitars.
Their groundbreaking CD, “Awakening – the Revelation”, was released in July of 2005. It follows the album “Endure” and the EP “Birth”.  Five songs from “Awakening” are featured in the independent horror/comedy “Teeth”. The film won a Juror’s Award for best actress at the Sundance Film Festival, and was then purchased by Lionsgate/The Weinstein Company.  After a worldwide theatre release, “Teeth” is currently out nationwide on DVD.

I.D.'s  new album "Primortal" was produced by renowned producer, Sterling Winfield, who has produced Pantera, Hellyeah, and King Diamond among others.  Primortal was mastered by Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound who has worked with Korn, Lamb of God, Shinedown, Green Day and many more.   The album was released in March 2011 receiving international acclaim. The band has also received many local honors including Fort Collins Music Associations “Peer Award” for “Best Metal Band 2008” and "Best Metal Band 2009", Hapiskratch entertainments “Best Metal Album 2007".  Immortal Dominion  was chosen for Westword Magazine’s yearly music showcase for 2008, and in 2011 made it into the final four out of hundreds of bands  in KBPI’s yearly “Best Band in Denver” contest.