Indastreet Misfits

21+ | Friday Night - 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Friday) @ Mo Jeaux's

5280 Hip Hop

Indastreet Misfits mission for the music industry is to be able to touch their audience on a personal level with their music. Indastreet Misfits goal is to be able to interact with their fans as much as possible. For the purpose of making each one of Indastreet Misfits fans a friend, as well as a supporter of their music. Indastreet Misfits music is currently directed towards the college crowd as well as the urban young adult as they pursue college degrees. Indastreet Misfits intends to meet and influence people from each corner of Colorado. They hope their hip-hop values and hard work will leave an impacting presence in their home state even as their music expands and becomes popular outside of Colorado.

  • Macy Paradise, DJ
  • Andre Mendoza, Hypeman
  • Michelle Stovall, Photographer
  • Marcus Benjamin, Artist
  • Paul Rodriguez, Artist
  • Joshua Janzen, Singer
  • Jimmy Smith, Hypeman