Kingman Brewster

21+ | Friday Night - 4:15pm to 5:00pm (Friday) @ Mo Jeaux's

Underground, Diverse, Hype

Kingman Brewster is a live Hip-Hop/Rock band based out of Fort Collins/Denver that encompasses everything from underground hip-hop to classical style piano, with hard rock influences like the Deftones, Rage Against the Machine and Linkin Park. Recently, they have incorporated vocals on top of the rap while fusing elements of reggae/pop and techno. They have released a full album with their prior band, and are currently working on a new EP set for release in December/January. The have played many venues, and are known for their exciting, engaging and danceable live shows. Some of the venues include: Fort Collins shows at The Aggie, Hodi's Half Note, Road34 and shows in Denver at Cervantes, Herman's Hideaway, and the Gothic Theatre.

  • Elvin Holderfield, Keyboardist
  • Wes Brown, Guitar/Vocals
  • Zack Baldassare, Bass
  • Richard Johnson, Rapper
  • Darryl Gallegos, Rapper 2
  • Mike Marsh, Drummer