Matt Skinner

All Ages | Saturday Night - 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Saturday) @ Choice City Butcher & Deli

country blues rock

A musician, singer, songwriter, artist and traveler, Matt follows the traditional path of the 'poet and a one-man band' where he holds fast to artistic integrity and truth with each earned note. A native of the Big Bend of Texas, graced with a keen eye for detail and imagery and coupled with a powerful, cultivated tenor voice, Skinner commands any stage with a tender ferocity and presence that is spellbinding in its organic honesty and mercurial resonance.

"That smooth, powerful tenor drawl that evokes the best of both Kings: country legend George Strait and rockabilly legend Elvis."


Matt captures the raw spirit of music in his expert guitar work and haunting lyrics. Skinner deftly weaves a colorful tapestry of songs and stories of love and danger sharing his passion born of living with stoic elegance and infectious passion. Audiences worldwide agree that each performance is a thrilling, emotional carnival ride.

Matt has released three solo albums, Four Winds (2001), The Nighthawk Affair (2007) and Live at StoneCringe: Vol I (2009) on Tapadero Productions label and one independent rock EP, Four Day March (2010) with the supergroup, Eleven Bones. He is currently writing new material for a new full-length album to, hopefully, be released in early 2013.

"You Ain't a Cowboy (If You Ain't Been Bucked Off)" and "One Left in the Chamber" co-written by Matt Skinner & Corb Lund. CABIN FEVER...#1 Album CANADA!!!

  • Matt Skinner, Singer-Songwriter