All Ages | Saturday Night - 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Saturday) @ Washington's (Upstairs)

Groovy Trippy BadAss

MISCOMUNICADO is a 3 piece live Psychedelic Electronic Rock band that feeds off of playing live music with guitars, bass, percussion and synth as well as bringing in the DJ aspect of computers; with a psychedelic light show you wont forget and a dance party you're body is still aching from. They play sounds ranging from the dirtiest of dubstep wobbles to the most distant of space age trance music; with groovy dance vibes to panty-dropping blues; from grunge to glisten they write music intended to take you away and leave you in a better place.

  • Dan Scott, Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Percussion
  • James Hodgkins, Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals/Percussion
  • Luke Barone, Computers/Keyboards/Percussion