Missions To Mercury

All Ages | Saturday Night - 1:30pm to 2:15pm (Saturday) @ Chipper's Lanes College Center

Rock your face

Missions to Mercury consists of Fort Collins locals and CSU students Justin Charboneau, Ryan Wise, Bill Mellin, Liam Bucher, and Dan Gepner. Our first show at Hodi's Halfnote for the USO benefit concert in November 2012 drew in a crowd of 100+. We are constantly improving on our sound, and we bring a high-energy live performance. We play melodic, beautiful music with dramatic dynamic builds that explode into face-melting breakdowns.

  • Justin Justin Charboneau, Singer
  • Ryan Wise, Guitarist
  • Bill Mellin, Drums
  • Liam Bucher, Bass
  • Dan Gepner, Guitarist