21+ | Friday Night - 3:30pm to 4:30pm (Friday) @ Luscious Nectar

Loud Dance Beats

With a style that crosses the boundaries of EBM, European House, Australian Electro, and Dubstep, n810 never ceases to keep the crowds moving and sweating all night. A classically trained musician, n810 found that his true love was electronic music, especially the mournful and sometimes-angry sounds of EBM. Major influences included early on the likes of Front 242, Gary Numan and Kraftwerk, and more recent influences of groups like VNV Nation, Apoptygma Bezerk and Beborn Beton and DJs like Maruo Piccotto, Tiesto and Timo Maas. These influences combined with his classical training lead to seamless mixes that span Electronic Music genres and endear him to crowds. n810 has played with such local greats as DJ Ascension, BeeKay, DJ DMX, Juggernaut, Danny Marin, Jackalope, Papa Gongo and the FACE, as well as having opened for such greats as Joey Beltram, Angel Alanis, Jon the Dentist, John Bishop, The Roxys (NYC) DJ Spyder, and Ronan Harris of VNV Nation. n810 has been gathering a large following from across Colorado and even across the world. He has also brought his unique style to several large, live events as the only DJ on the billing, including a performance during VNV Nation's "Matter and Form" tour's Denver stop.
n810 is also Fort Collins' premier Zombie DJ, performing at the annual Zombie Crawl Zombie Fest in October and the Drop Dead Gore-geous Fashion Show in May. He also has performed at the Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX) festival for the last two years.

  • Nathan Morimitsu, DJ