18+ | Friday Night - 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Friday) @ Ramskeller

Groove Booty Party

Welcome to your earhole. Papagoya began its journey in 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado on the campus of Colorado State University. From its reggae roots to its face-melting, progressively morphing experimentalsplosion, the Papagoya experience consistently delivers booty romping performances one after another.

Papagoya currently features six fine looking gentleman. Four of its members (Tyler-lead guitar, Taylor-bass, Dane-percussion, and Colin-rhythm guitar) originally hail from the centennial state from Colorado Springs to Steamboat Springs. Tobias-drums(Toe-bee-us) reigns from Sweden, believe it or not--check his green card. Dimitri-keys/vocals, a smooth moving, caramel skinned whatchamacallit comes from Brazil, but more recently Louisiana. Though born apart, the 'goya boys have fused talents to form a groovement they can call their own--PAPAGOYA. BE PART OF THE GROOVEMENT.

  • Dane Mark, Percussion
  • Tobias Bank, Drums
  • Tyler Simmons, Lead Guitar
  • Taylor Shuck, Bass
  • Dimitri Zaugg, Keyboards/Vocals
  • Colin Boyle, Rhythm Guitar