Party Boys of the Century

18+ | Saturday Night - 1:00pm to 1:45pm (Saturday) @ Ramskeller

upbeat horn-driven nutty

Although still relatively new to the scene, Party Boys of the Century is slowly becoming a driving force behind northern Colorado ska/punk. Evolving from humble beginnings as a high school band, the powerhouse nine member group is now one of the premier ska bands in northern Colorado. With so many musicians to draw inspiration from, they offer a diverse range of musical styles. From Irish inspired punk to down-tempo reggae, and from down and dirty funk right back up to straight ahead ska punk, every show has something each audience member can jam to. With eight full time students things are a little slow going now, but there will be a lot more from the Party Boys in the near future. The band is hoping to tour summer 2013 with a debut EP to take on the road.

  • Andrew Raymond, Lead Vocals/Trumpet
  • Ian Gregory, Lead Guitar
  • Matt Carroll, Guitar/Vocals
  • Drew Miller, Bass
  • Tyler Diel, Drums
  • Ian Schmid, Trumpet
  • Elliott Schwebach, Alto Sax
  • Jerod Parker, Bari Sax
  • Nathan Dantzler, Trombone