The Patti Fiasco

All Ages | Saturday Night - 5:00pm to 5:45pm (Saturday) @ Aggie Theatre

Electro-Country Roots Rock

It’s been four years now since a chance meeting at a Laramie, WY, open mic spurred the creation of The Patti Fiasco. With proud Wyoming roots now planted in the fertile musical soil of Fort Collins, CO., the Patti Fiasco is currently recording their second full-length album with a much-anticipated May 2013 release. Their Wyoming heritage and affinity for old-school country inspired the twang of their 2011 release, The Patti Fiasco, though the new material ventures further into the realm of Americana while maintaining the Fiasco’s characteristic rock edge.

This is an ambitious album for primary songwriter, Alysia Kraft. While the first album resonated with Fiasco fans for its catchy melodies and clever lyricism in the ways and follies of love, this album ventures into more complex and unconventional storytelling. Songs chronicling an Elvis obsession, the early days of American oil, and the ill-fated love affair of two hard-time crooks (to name just a few) are rich in narrative detail, a collection of short stories crafted for song. Ansel Foxley’s contribution, “Chicken Song,” a crowd-pleasing stomp and dobro barrage, features Foxley’s unique dobro edge, and heartfelt and hard-hitting, “Losing Game” and “Small Town Lights” call attention to the powerhouse support vocals of Dee Tyler, Foxley, and drummer, Scott Clabby. The album dabbles in honky tonk, flirts with folk, but ultimately wears the pants of a rock and roll outfit. With a rhythm section as groovy and solid as any in the game (Clabby, Bassist, Niles Mischke, and Tyler), and Foxley making a rock and roll weapon out of a roots instrument seldom incorporated in the rock sound, the Patti Fiasco leisurely bends genres and makes each composition their own. Coupled with a barn-burning live show that leaves no one back at the bar, this album is sure to put the regionally renowned Fiasco on a much bigger map.

  • Dee Tyler, Guitar/Vocals
  • Ansel Foxley, Dobro/Vocals
  • Scott Clabby, Drums
  • Alysia Kraft, Guitar/Vocals
  • Niles Mischke, Bass