Paul Beveridge & Company

18+ | Friday Night - 4:45pm to 5:30pm (Friday) @ Ramskeller

Energetic Loud Passionate

Paul Beveridge & Company is a six-piece Acoustic-Indie Rock band based out of Greeley, Colorado.

Paul Beveridge & Company delivers a fresh take on traditional indie rock. By incorporating flowing brass melodies and harmonies amidst a folk-feeling voice, with driving percussive rhythms and swelling guitar riffs, Paul Beveridge & Companys music is sure to be unlike anything else youve heard. During live performances, PB&C prides themselves on their musicality and entertainment, giving the crowd loud auxiliary percussion breaks with five part harmonys in contrast with the ability to be gentle and emotionally intimate with their music.

As a band, the guys want only one thing with their music; to inspire and encourage their listeners and fans to have the same love, enjoyment, and passion for their music as they do. Each song is deeply emotional to each of the members of the band, and it shows in their performance and musicianship.

  • Paul Beveridge, Singer/Guitar
  • Tim Veilleux, Guitar
  • Craig Basarich, Trumpet/Aux Percussion
  • Brent Engel, Euphonium
  • Jesse Spencer, Drums
  • Tyler Wilcox, Bass