Shaley Scott

All Ages | Saturday Night - 2:00pm to 2:45pm (Saturday) @ Everyday Joe's

amy winehouse meets tom waits

Shaley Scott's original style is the perfect blend of pop music fundamentals and 21st Century trends. A mix of piano and guitar paints a melodic picture that is unique, yet recognizable, deep and completely relatable.

Shaley, grew up in the town of Fort Collins, Colorado. She started performing at the age of five and as a trained dancer and self-taught musician, entered the Colorado Academy of th...e Arts, where she would train every day after school. "I had originally wanted to be a dancer. I taught tap and jazz, and loved it." In her spare time, Shaley started writing songs on the piano, and landed a spot on a local cable channel, where they started featuring her original music at only fourteen. "I think that was the moment I knew what I was supposed to do. It all seemed so magical to me. It was like a light switch had clicked on and from that day forward, my singing and song writing became my first priority."

She continued to train with the Colorado Academy of the Arts, and was a part of a 1940's song and dance troupe that toured the United States as well as Europe, all before graduating high school. She won the "Outstanding Vocal Performance Award" at the famous UNC Jazz Festival and later received a music scholarship to Colorado State University, and entered college as a music major. "I had always been the over-achieving type in school, and had prepared for that moment since I could remember, but, when I finally got to college, it was as if there was a voice inside me, telling me I needed to be somewhere else." So, Shaley packed up her car, and moved to Los Angeles. There her journey began to reveal bigger things. Shaley has a long trail of notable moments where she has outshined along the way, producing her own demos, as well as becoming a finalist in a few contests. One achievement of notoriety is the placement of one of her original songs in the horror/thriller "The Hitchhiker", in which she also played a lead role.

As of late, Shaley has teamed up with Anthony Lavin of "The Filthy Souls" to form "Welcome To Winter". They were recently nominated for the "Hollywood Music In Media Awards" for two of their original songs right after their first EP was produced. They continue to work together and plan to release a music video by Spring of 2012. Also, Shaley continues to perfect her solo career as well, spending time in her new home studio.

  • Shaley Scott, Lead Vox/Piano/Guitar
  • Kira Sands, Cello/Backup Vox
  • Temp Drummer, Drummer
  • Temp Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar