All Ages | Friday Night - 12:00pm to 12:45pm (Friday) @ Everyday Joe's

Powerful Melodic Sound

Our language is music. We hold nothing back on emotion to shape our sound. We center around rock and mix it up with country and blues with an edge. With each note played, we capture the attention and hearts of our audience until the last note is played. We strive to be unique and focus on showcasing our musicianship from years of experience. Don't underestimate our musicality because of our youth.

Daniel Lipok- bass and back up vocals, 16, veteran member
Mary Sue Thompson- keyboard, rhythm guitar, and vocals, 16, new member
Noel Thomas- lead guitar and vocals, has played since he was 4, now 15, has played in 3 years of the FOCOMX series, veteran member
Evan Thomas- drummer,played since he was 5, now, 13, veteran member

  • Noel Thomas, Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Evan Thomas, Drummer
  • Mary Sue Thompson, Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
  • Daniel Lipok, Bass/Backup Vocals
  • Michaela Rae Knox, Guest Guitarist