Stella Luce

All Ages | Friday Night - 3:30pm to 4:15pm (Friday) @ Cranknstein

futuristic gypsy dream

Stella Luce, never a band to rest on their laurels, is back at it again after a 6 month hiatus spent writing brand new material. Their quirky blend of indie-rock, ethnic strings, and electronic experimentation has taken a new turn, and with the addition of drummer Sean Speer to the mix, Fort Collins music scene veterans Alana Rolfe and Brett Schreiber are ready to unveil the fruits of their labor. Alana's sultry voice and silky strings remain at the forefront of a decidedly denser and more complex arrangement including the addition of shimmering guitars and sweeping synths played by Brett, and Sean's jazzy break-beats layered with electronic elements. Looking forward to a new album in 2012, Stella Luce is once again pushing boundaries and pulling heart-strings.

  • Alana Rolfe, Lead Vocals/Viola
  • Sean Speer, Drums
  • Brett Schreiber, Everything else