Stone Cricket

All Ages | Saturday Night - 3:15pm to 4:00pm (Saturday) @ Falbo Brothers Pizzeria

Earthy, Heartfelt, Happy

Stone Cricket was formed in 2009 by guitarist and songwriter Ryan Fourt, and includes Kelsey Shiba (vocals and piano), Matt Smiley (bass), and Shilo Stroman (drums). Ryan, known more as a first-call jazz guitarist in the Denver music scene began his pop and rock songwriting journey in 2006 and has since written a full slate of music for the band. Each member of Stone Cricket plays an important role in the overall sound of the group - vocalist Kelsey Shiba acts as the band's voice and front-man with her vibrant interpretations of Fourt's melodies and lyrics. The band draws on a variety of influences but the element of improvisation is present in almost everything the band plays. Each member is an accomplished jazz musician in their own right and brought those sensibilities to the table when Stone Cricket recorded their debut album, this after a year long stint playing at a local Colorado pub where the band developed the material and became tighter as a group on and off the bandstand. And in 2012, Stone Cricket released its debut album under the Fourt-Post Records label - here's a quote from Ryan about the album: "We think there will be something on this album for everyone, a song or songs that the listener can really connect with. We try to tell stories or express different ideas and feelings in our songs, all the while making the music underneath that story have some energy and sophistication. Were so excited to have been able to bring this project to life and now we want to share this music with as many people as we can n and the band is collectively humbled to be able to make our small contribution to the catalog of American music, which we are very, very proud to be a part of. Thanks for listening!"

  • Ryan Fourt, Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Kelsey Shiba, Vocals/Keyboards
  • Matt Smiley, Bass
  • Shilo Stroman, Drums