21+ | Friday Night - 4:45pm to 5:30pm (Friday) @ East Coast

Decided To Be

The Rockingest rock rock rocking that every rocked from here to Rockville and back on the Rockingham Railways Rock Line or Rock Airways or Rockhound Bus at Rock Thirty or Rock past three or Rock past 2 in the morning or Rock Rock Rock (that's how you tell time in Rockville or Rockheim) while drinking Rock and coke or Rock on the rocks or a virgin Rock daiquiri in a Rock tumbler or Rock pint glass or Rock shot glass or Rock Rock glass on a Rock bar in a rock pub on Rock Street in Rockville or Rockaheim or Fort Rockins or Rockburg or Mount Rockington or Rocktown or even South Rockerston.

South Rockerston is the capital of New Rock, a state north of South Rockota and East Rockota and yet south of Rockslyvania, the oldest of the Rock Colonies, founded when the groupies landed at Plymouth Rock, after a long sea voyage that rocked like you woundn't believe aboard the Nina, the Primus, and the Santa Metallica, the most rock-worthy vessels to ever Rock the seven arenas.

Did we fail to mention that TBD will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF? That's how TBD does. Watch out.