Tony C'de Baca

All Ages | Friday Night - 12:15pm to 1:00pm (Friday) @ Bizarre Bazarr

Chicano John Mayer-ish with touches of bacon

Brought up from wolves and mermaids, Tony C'de Baca has created a niche which is decidedly his own in the endless sea of singer/songwriter sound-alikes. He calls it "A-bit-of-hurt/a-bit-of-happiness." The man is not trying to reinvent the wheel....he's simply trying to make it stronger. Tony is a sound veteran of the Southwest touring circuit having been hitting clubs from L.A. to Austin, Santa Fe to Denver. IN 2010, Tony was voted by the people of Santa Fe (his hometown) as one of the TOP 2 SONGWRITERS and TOP 3 SINGERS in THE SANTA FE REPORTER. In 2009, he was voted one of the TOP 2 SINGERS and TOP 3 SONGRITERS by the same publication. He still hungers for the top spot, a place with which he is most familiar. 2007 saw him take FIRST PLACE in THE SANTA FE BREWING COMPANYS ANNUAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION after the release of his debut solo album, LOSING YOUTH. And in 2002, his band THE LUSH LIFE was awarded BEST BAND IN NORTHERN COLORADO by SCENE MAGAZINE. Not but a few months after that the group won the BUDWEISER TRUE MUSIC LIVE battle in Albuquerque and represented the Southwest region of the country. Their album at the time (entitled LESS THAN YESTERDAY) garnered one of the TOP TEN ALBUMS OF THE YEAR by KCSU in Fort Collins.

He is now back in Colorado kissing hands and shaking babies They call themselves TONY C and THE PAID PROFESSIONALS. They blend a bit of R&B with a bit of Latin. Add a touch of hip-hop and a whole bunch of good ol' rock and roll; pour it on the rocks with some bourbon and you've got the Tony C'de Baca sound. Try not to spill it.

  • Tony C'de Baca, Singer/Guitarist