Trash Cannon

21+ | Saturday Night - 4:30pm to 5:15pm (Saturday) @ Pateros Creek Brewing Co

Progressive Lounge Punk

Salvaged from the depths of a dumpster and sprinkled with gun powder...
Trash Cannon is a collective of musicians who have played in many other bands together. We unite once again to spark the scene with such classics as F*in Ray of Sunshine, P.E.T.A., The Sky is Falling, Off With Your Head, Disease, and some fresh junk!

Featuring members from Berserkirs, That's Science, Poo Poo Jenkins, Black Hammer, Tramps, Love Dollz, Straight to Denim, iAMiOCUS, Merkin Burn, etc...

  • Jennifer Carden, Singer-Songwriter/Bassist/Guitarist
  • Andy Keller, Guitarist/Drummer/Bassist
  • Christi Mikles, Sawyer/Songwriter/Vocals
  • Tim Bessler, Sax/Accordion/Songwriter/Vocals
  • Jeff Dundass, Drummer
  • Peter Hevenor, Guest Drummer
  • Rene' Walter, Guest Sax/Vocals