Two Star Motel

21+ | Saturday Night - 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Saturday) @ Surfside 7

blues, surf, and punk

Nearly more trouble than it's worth, with just enough love to make it work. When the smoke clears it's all Rock'n'Roll. Formed in a Fort Collins basement where we can still be found, Two Star Motel functions as family, living under one roof, taking odd jobs to make ends meet, and playing a whole lot of music in between. We humbly strive to represent the hard-working, fun loving folks of this great nation. We do this through our own blend of Rock'n'Roll music with influences such as Howling Wolf, Bo Diddley, Dick Dale and the Ramones.

2 Star Motel has been fortunate to share the stage with such friends as Cory Branan, Possessed by Paul James, as well as local favorites Wire Faces, Arliss Nancy, & Mosey West.

Currently in the process of self-releasing our first studio album, Two Star Motel is eager to leave our trace across the mountain west and onward.

  • John-Erik Priegel, Vocals/Guitar
  • Gideon Priegel, Lead Guitar
  • Cerise Rocheleau, Vocals/Bass
  • Brillo Brillo, Drums