All Ages | Saturday Night - 4:00pm to 4:45pm (Saturday) @ Lyric Cinema Cafe (Theatre)

Bowie meets Kraftwerk

Electro-Lounge meets Sixties French Pop in glam-rock David Bowie style. This is WhiteCatPink, the musical identity taken by David Jacoby, mastermind and creator. Mr. Jacoby combines the edgy sophistication of French music giant Serge Gainsbourg with cutting edge glitch electronics reminiscent of Kraftwerk and Mark Farina, weaving this together with live drums and processed vocals, sung both in English and French. Originally begun in August 2007 with fellow musician and digital artist Charlie Goldberg, WhiteCatPink has evolved and blossomed to become a beacon for the modern Euro-Pop sound in America. With his most recent release, "The LoveBalletGirl EP" WhiteCatPink displays a working finesse with smooth, glossy production and hard-hitting electro-acoustic beats.

Originally hailing from the planet Saturn, WhiteCatPink fell to Earth and soon developed an affinity for the European music scene. A fascination with the Kosmisch Musik movement that took place in Germany in the Seventies led him to adore the sounds of bands such as Can, NEU!, and Kraftwerk, and a taste for the cool chic of Serge Gainsbourg was simultaneously fostered. Owing also to a love of the downtempo sounds of DJ Mark Farina and DJ Shadow, as well as the glam performances and musicianship of David Bowie and Brian Eno, WhiteCatPink began the experiment of combining these theatrical elements and sounds in a unique and unusual blend of audio-visual color that he is now well known for. Haunting the art galleries and lounges, WhiteCatPink is a favorite for eclectic and intellectual music lovers.

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