Winchester Holiday

21+ | Saturday Night - 4:30pm to 5:15pm (Saturday) @ The Astoria

Guitars, Harmonies, Drums

Winchester Holiday is an independent rock band, with members based in Fort Collins and Boulder. Prioritizing vocal harmony, refined lyrics, and driving drums, the group fills a niche somewhere between the folk music of the '60s and new wave rock. With a repertoire ranging from Guthrie-esque ballads to telecaster and organ infused anthems, they draw in listeners from all age groups and reward them with rich imagery and infectious melodies. The five members have grown up playing together and are beginning to bring their sound to the public.

  • Daniel Workman, Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Pete Workman, Bass/Vocals
  • Noah Cecil, Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
  • Wilson Cecil, Keyboards/Vocals/Harmonica
  • Adam Federer, Drums