FoCoMX 2013 Ramping Up!

Hello Northern Colorado Music fans, musicians and businesses! Greetings from Fort Collins Musicians Association!

Fort Collins Musicians Association (FoCoMA) is excited to announce that the Fort Collins Music eXperiment (FoCoMX) 2013 music festival is beginning to ramp up! FoCoMX 2013 is April 19 and 20, and this is the festival’s 5th year!

Experimenting every year with something different, FoCoMA is ever focused on delivering a quality experience for fans, bands, and venues alike. With that in mind, here are some things that we are trying this year:

  • Instead of growing the festival even larger this year, we are focusing on the feedback we got last year and are actually making the festival somewhat smaller. This year, our mantra is 20 venues and 200 bands for FoCoMX, with an eye towards new events, performances, and education sessions throughout the year.
  • Pre-sale wristbands will be $20/full price is $30.
  • One new feature we are adding to FoCoMX is having comedian emcees are our larger venues.
  • As always, we will need volunteers to make this festival happen. Stay tuned for available positions leading up to the festival, as well as positions at the festival itself. This isn’t really a new thing, but the way we are approaching the festival ramp up will place more autonomy with the teams that are working to bring the festival into being.
  • It takes more than a committee; it takes a TEAM! In an effort to improve the festival ramp-up and to empower active/engaged volunteers, FoCoMA has made some organizational changes. Most notably, the pre-festival volunteers will be organized into action-oriented teams:
    • Volunteer Coordination and Management
    • Marketing and Communications (MarComs) (formerly Promotions)
    • Sponsorships
    • Production (formerly Booking)
    • Transportation
    • Technology
    • Sales

Based on a lot of feedback we got from volunteers, some of the weekly pre-festival committee meetings, while fun, were frustrating because they weren’t as productive as they could have been. In an effort to adjust this, the above teams will have more autonomy and will execute a better-defined plan. This means that activities and volunteer needs should become clearer and will be results-oriented. Team Leaders/coordinators will also work more autonomously providing clarity for volunteers. Pulling it all together, there will be an operations manager helping track schedules and deadlines, and hopefully streamlining things so that it’s more rewarding to volunteer and be part of the festival.

Stay tuned to sign up to volunteer to help with the festival. As always, four hours of volunteering will get you a free wristband!