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We are finished booking the lineup for 2013. If you want to submit your band, please fill out our official application located at the Fort Collins Musicians Association Website (www.focoma.org). If something opens up we'll have your information!

Fans can get free wristbands by volunteering at FoCoMX. For more information about volunteering, click HERE!

Want to edit your artist profile on the FoCoMX site? Email info@focoma.org to request an artist account.

The Will Call booth will be located in front of Art Lab on Linden St north of Old Town Square.

The Will Call booth will be open from 12:00 – 11:00 PM on both Friday and Saturday.

See the Venues page for a listing of venues and their age restrictions. This information is also available in the Schedule for each event.

The wristband allows you entry to any venue that is participating in FoCoMX. It is not a guaranteed entry however, as maximum occupancy of venues are enforced by the city fire marshal. If there is a particular show you want to see, we encourage you to arrive at that venue early to ensure your entry.

YES! Your wristband is what gets you in the door at all the venues for both nights. They’re made of a durable cloth, can be worn for multiple days, and will even survive in the shower.

If you bought your ticket online as a Will Call, you will pick up your wristband during the festival at the Will Call booth at the Art Lab on Linden Street north of Old Town Square. Will Call will be open 12:00 to 11:00 PM on April 19th and 20th.

Please note that you CANNOT pick up your Will Call wristband at the door of any venue. Will Call is the only place during the festival to get a wristband purchased online.


We recommend you buy your wristband online or after April 7th, there is an option to pick them up in person at Rock ‘N’ Robin’s

Wristbands will also be sold at Will Call at the Art Lab on Linden Street north of Town Square from 12:00 -11:00 PM, Friday and Saturday, April 19 and 20th.

Want a free wristband?

Credit and debit cards will of course work online.

This year, we will accept credit cards at Will Call!

Only cash is accepted for wristbands at the door of the venues selling wristbands and Rock & Robin.

The following venues are selling tickets:

  • Will Call located in front of Art Lab on Linden St north of Old Town Square, open 12:00-11:00 PM during the festival
  • A limited number of  other ticket physical ticket sales locations will be announced shortly

Tickets are available online NOW! Two day wristbands for only $20 through April 7; $30 thereafter. See the Tickets page!

Comfortable, cloth custom wristbands will allow you into all of the venues.  They can be purchased after April 7th locally at Rock ‘N’ Robin’s (recommended), or online by clicking the Tickets page link. Free wristbands are available to volunteers.

Please note that if you buy your ticket online, you'll need to go to Will Call located in front of Art Lab on Linden St north of Old Town Square. Will Call is the only place during the festival to get a wristband purchased online.

There is a free children’s program at Everyday Joe’s on Saturday. The rule of thumb is that if they are attending the festival itself and going to venues (other than the children’s program at Everyday Joe’s), they do need a wristband, as they would still be counted as legal occupancy at the venues.