ProDev Educational Opportunities


All ProDev classes at FoCoMX5 are on Saturday, April 20th.

Armory Event Center:

  • 1:00-2:30 PM
    Sound Off
    From the Perspective of the Sound Engineer
  • 3:00-4:30 PM
    Polishing Your Talent

FoCoMX Workshops and Masterclasses at the Art Lab:

  • 1:30-3:00 PM
    Finger Jamming Master Class
    Presented by Maxwell Hughes and Justin Roth
  • 3:30-5:00 PM
    Songsmithing Workshop
    Presented by Michael Kirkpatrick


Saturday April 20th
FoCoMX ProDev Educational Panels at the Armory

1:00-2:30 PM
Sound Off: From the Perspective of the Sound Engineer

Jeremy Grant - Jeremy Grant is the Production Manager and house engineer at Hodi’s Half Note.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from CU Denver in Audio Engineering.  He has over 11 years of experience working in multiple venue settings throughout the state and has toured nationally as a stage hand and monitor engineer.

Dean Curtis - Dean Curtis is a live sound / recording engineer and is the Production Manager for the Aggie Theatre.  His duties include the advance scheduling, and day of show setting up / running of sound and lighting. He has been with the Aggie since 2002. Dean is also involved with project studio recording for himself and bands, as well as being a musician playing bass with the band DubSkin.

Marcus Heath - Marcus is the house sound guy for Road 34, where he has had the pleasure of working with local and national acts for the last two years. He has spent time recording for Colorado State University, lending an ear to recording projects by local bands, and donating time to local non-profit Spokes Buzz events. He graduated from CSU with a B.A. in music where he played Bass for the Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Big Band.  Marcus is an avid supporter of local music, and is always listening for exciting new sounds at shows and on the shelves of record stores. Outside of the music world, Marcus enjoys riding mountain bikes, down home cookin’ and black coffee.

Toby James - Toby is from Chicago. He is Columbia College Alumni as an entertainment/media management major with focus on music production. He worked as the sound engineer for Stadt Theater in Heilbronn W. Germany in the 80's, as an independent sound engineer and 'almost' Rock Star Musician in the 90's, and he did sound and timing for USA cycling in early 2000's (Doug Ashbaugh). He currently works as a sound engineer and local music lover for 'Shaped music' and 'Riffactory' in Fort Collins.

Jason Larson - My name is Jason Larson. I got my start as an audio professional as the singer of my first band in high school. I was the person who had to figure out how to operate the sound equipment for practices and performances. I started mixing in clubs within a few years and eventually started recording on a simple pc based system. After years of experimenting with this system, and reading about gear and recording techniques, I was persuaded (by a friend who I was touring with) to buy a Mac, and Protools LE. I then bothered this friend for every bit of protools knowledge I could squeeze out of him. I literally had pages of notes. In between touring, live sound gigs, and day jobs, I would record my own projects and other local bands. I then built an isolation room in my garage. With that, some acoustical treatment, and some electrical work, I had a small project studio attached to my house. After several years producing, tracking, mixing, and mastering dozens of local projects, I was approached by the owner of the legitimate, Protools HD based, Backbone Studios. I now had access to gear I had only read about. With this new found arsenal of top of the line preamps, convertors, mics, compressors, equalizers, and plugins, I was able to make actual records for the first time in my career. I also realized the one thing you can't fake is having really nice gear. I'm not saying you can't make good records without a huge bank roll, but it's way easier with really nice stuff in front of you. I left Backbone in late 2012 to pursue touring as a musician. I am currently putting together a new recording system, and am excited to make the next record.

3:00-4:30 PM
P.Y.T.: Polishing Your Talent

Alf - Alf started as "the weekend overnight guy" at Channel 93.3 FM in Denver/Ft Collins in the spring of 1996.  He guest-hosted the Locals Only program on occasion until it was pulled from the schedule in 2000.  A couple years later, he relaunched the show despite only owning ten CDs by local artists.  Since then, the show has grown to showcase hundreds of Colorado artists, large and small.  Alf also helped develop a local presence on the station far beyond the Sunday night show - placing several bands into regular rotation to help expand their careers, adding a "Locals Only Stage" to the station's Big Gig every summer, and helping develop several other showcases for local talent (Hometown for the Holidays, 3/03 Day). Recently, Alf has expanded out to include live DJing.  His "Forty-Five Plus One" gigs feature local musicians performing along with his DJ sets.  When not doing either of the above activities, Alf can be found advising LGBQT youth, obsessively shopping for records, reading long books while looking up the hard words, and talking about himself in the third person.

Jason Allen - Jason started playing music in a typical manner, with a "drumset" fashioned out of oatmeal containers. From there, he moved on to brass and woodwind instruments, but settled on guitar and drums sometime in junior high. He played in various bands, in styles ranging from jazz, big band, metal, punk, industrial, techno, Memphis-based R&B, along with a bit more than his share of commercial work. Jason came to the Blasting Room from a background in television production and management of fine dining restaurants... He manages the Blasting Room, Owned and Operated Recordings / Upland Records, as well as the Descendents and ALL. Jason is a long-time member of the American Guild of Luthiers as well as the Sommelier Society of America, and produced one of Rolling Stone magazine's "Best Under-the-Radar Albums of 2011" with the band Vicky's "Cast a Light

Eryc Eyl - Eryc Eyl is a writer, journalist, critic, organizational effectiveness consultant, change management expert, DJ, music lover, husband, father, son, brother and friend from Colorado. Over the years, He has written about music and culture for Hybrid Magazine, Westword, Reverb and the Denver Post, as well as a number of corporate and private clients. Eryc's passion for and knowledge of Colorado music was featured in his columns, the Mile High Makeout and Steal This Track. Today, he writes about human behavior and corporate survival at

Chris K - Producer and host Chris K., aka “goat,” is no stranger to Colorado music and radio.  He has been on the air in Northern Colorado off and on since 1977, with on-air stints at KFKA-AM (AC), KUAD (CHR/AC), KSQI (AOR/AAA),  KCSU (Americana & Jazz),  KIMN (CHR/Hot AC), KPAW (classic rock), and  KGLL (country). Chris’ articles, essays, criticisms, reviews, and editorials have appeared online and in local, regional and national music and radio publications like Scene Magazine, FMQB, the Album Network,,,, and the Colorado Music Buzz.Chris K. has been a character in the music scene along the Front Range of Colorado in four decades now … and despite the grass he chews on regularly, he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Ben DeSoto - Ben Desoto likes his job. He is the talent buyer and part owner of the Hi-Dive in Denver, the booking agent for the world famous Lion's Lair and from 2006-2012 the booking agent for the Underground Music Showcase. Ben has been fortunate enough to play in a number of great Denver bands and currently drums for Ark Life featuring Jesse Elliott of the These United States. He loves to talk about Denver's music scene and is a contributor to WESTAF's IM Tour grant program, one part of "the Conversation" a music business education series, and volunteer for Arts and Venues Denver. So go ahead and ask him about music. He loves to talk about it.